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Diamond Crooks vs. Diamond Running

I know many of you have been curious as to whether diamond runners and diamond crooks are the same thing (or, perhaps more correctly, do diamond crooks perform diamond running?)? Well, since we haven't had the opportunity to speak directly with Mr. Cheeba and Mr. Suede, the following is the best explaination to quell your curiosity:

Diamond running and diamond crooks can be one in the same or they can be two different syndicates.

In a smaller organization, the diamond crooks also perform the diamond running (usually in a Mercury Sable) so as to avoid large overheads. However, once the syndicate expands, different delegates are tasked for the separate functions, i.e., diamond crooks and diamond running. It is at this point where things like sailing from Cancun, dancing under Paris moons, and German's pouring kahlua espouse the international flavor of such an operation.

All told, however, both diamond crooks and diamond runners must stop, bless the war chief for his bison, and remember that at one point they all ate their Honeycomb cereal with big spoons.

If any Camp Lo experts would like to elaborate on this discussion, your thoughts would be appreciated.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


What Happens When the Dutch is Gone?

The Boss of Vegas substitutes.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Who Made the Lyrics

In case you don't know who/what/why Camp Lo is, well, you aren't going to learn from reading this one post. However, this will give you a brief background into the wonder and mysticism that is Camp Lo:

Camp Lo, the Bronx-based duo of Sonny Cheeba and Geechie Suede, first hit the scene with "Coolie High," a buttery smooth track off the Great White Hype soundtrack. In '97 they dropped their exceptional debut album, Uptown Saturday Night, fuelled by the ultracatchy lead single "Luchini (aka This Is It)." A retro '70s theme was prevalent, from the cover art to their clothes and constant references to old school blaxploitation films. Their distinctive voices and stellar beats made the record an instant classic, chock full of hot tracks such as "Black Nostaljack," "Spanish Harlem," and others. After several years on the DL, the two reappeared in 2002 with their second full-length Let's Do It Again, a solid independent effort which was unfortunately under-promoted and slept on by most. The following year they guested on Aesop Rock's Bazooka Tooth LP, and are rumored to be working on a third album. From

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